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Welcome to the new Fox Valley Safety social media presence!

Our goal is to get you to “THINK SAFETY”. Check back often for OSHA news and updates, case studies, first aid and safety product spotlights, Fox Valley Safety employee profiles, and more.

As the newest member of the Fox Valley Safety team, I’ve found that “thinking safety” has started to leach into my whole life. I cannot get through a day without noticing something safety related.

Recently I was shopping at a large chain store when a small child vomited in the middle of an aisle. As the store’s employee cordoned off the area, my thoughts wandered to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standard. “Does this company have a BBP program? Is the employee trained to handle OPIM (other potentially infectious materials)? WHERE ARE HIS GLOVES?!” Obviously, my outlook has skewed since delving into the world of safety and learning so much from my FVS colleagues.

My “THINK SAFETY” mindset has also started to affect the enjoyment I get from my favorite television shows. Emergency room medical dramas are no longer riveting storylines about the relationships between characters, but rather a case study in the emergencies that result from on-the-job accidents. I am not celebrating the man who survived after being electrocuted and falling onto a ¾” piece of rebar; I am contemplating the arc flash protection that went awry, the fall protection that was absent or failed, and how the patient’s employer is going to deal with the aftermath of such an accident. I also love high-octane law enforcement dramas. Again, I am starting to miss the point of the show’s plot because I am yelling at the naive FBI agent to wait for the HazMat team! And don’t even get me started on reality television shows…

Of course, it is the goal of Fox Valley Safety to get you to “THINK SAFETY” on the job, but when we get you to “THINK SAFETY” while sitting on your couch watching your favorite show, we know we have really met our goal!


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