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Dear Santa,

My mom and dad work for Fox Valley Safety. I have learned a lot from them about being safe at home and how people can be safe at work.

Your job is really hard. You have to go to everyone’s house in one night to deliver presents. I am worried that you might be going too fast and hurt yourself. You could slip and fall off our icy roof. I know you do not use fall protection equipment! You could get stuck in the chimney. Dad calls the chimney a confined space.

There is something called the “hierarchy of hazard controls” that you should try to use. The best hazard control is elimination.  I am going to help you with elimination. Instead of coming down our chimney, please use the front door. I have left a magic key under the mat. Now you don’t have to worry about fall protection or confined spaces.

If you need more help with safety at the North Pole, you can call Fox Valley Safety. They know their stuff.

Have a Merry and Safe Christmas, Santa!

Love, Cole


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