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Respirator Fit Testing

A respirator fit test tests the seal between the respirator’s facepiece and the wearer’s face for proper protection.  Employees using mandatory respirators must have a fit test before initial use and then annually thereafter.  The fit test must be done with the same make, model, style and size of respirator that the employee will wear when working.  Fox Valley Safety provides fit testing for tight-fitting respirators and N95 masks.

Our respirator fit tests include respiratory safety awareness training.

We cover:

  • When the respirator is necessary
  • What respirator is necessary
  • How to properly put on the respirator
  • How to properly take off the respirator
  • How to properly adjust the respirator
  • How to perform a seal check (Disposable Respirator)
  • How to properly wear the respirator
  • The limitations of the respirator
  • How to inspect the respirator
  • How to clean and sanitize the respirator
  • How to store the respirator
  • When to change cartridges
  • What cartridges are to be used
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