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Fire Safety & Extinguisher

Fox Valley Safety pairs classroom training with hands-on fire extinguisher use to meet OSHA requirements.  Employees will learn general fire safety as well as how to assess the situation and decide the best course of action — evacuate and report the fire or put out the fire themselves with an extinguisher.


Fire Extinguisher Training Without The Mess

Fox Valley Safety uses the Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) for live fire extinguisher training.

CLEAN:  Eliminates the discharge of any dry-chemical or CO2.  I.T.S. utilizes clean-burning propane.

SAFE:  Has sensors that automatically shut off the flames if the system is bumped, knocked, or setup improperly.  Flames go out instantly when the safety switch is released.

EFFECTIVE:  Provides a realistic and engaging training experience.

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