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NFPA 70E Arc Flash

Electrical power is a potentially dangerous force and requires proper training to fully understand how to work with it safely on the job site. Dangers such as shock, electrocution, and arc flash will always be present on the job, but Fox Valley Safety’s NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) Arc Flash training and safety strategies can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities.

Arc Flash Safety Training Includes:

  • Electrical safety program principles, controls, procedures
  • Defining qualified persons
  • Job briefings
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures as the preferred means of working on electrical equipment
  • The use of energized electrical work permits
  • Determining shock hazard and arc flash protection boundaries
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Alerting techniques when working on energized parts
  • Emergency procedures

TRAINING MATTERS:  In a study of more than 500 arc flash incidents, nearly half of the workers failed to recognize the hazard.

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