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Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written procedure detailing the appropriate response to various types of emergencies. It is an essential component of an organization’s safety procedures. All employees need to know their specific roles and responsibilities during an emergency. Your facility’s EAP needs to be reviewed when employees are hired, when there is a change in the plan, and when an employee’s role changes. Most facilities review their EAP, conduct review trainings, and have at least one drill annually — even if nothing has changed — to reinforce emergency training.

EAP Training Includes:

  • Threats or hazards that may be encountered
  • Notification and communication procedures for reporting an emergency
  • Individual roles and responsibilities, including shutdown procedures
  • Emergency response procedures, including evacuations, shelter in place, and any other facility-specific plans
  • The location and use of response equipment and personal protective equipment, such as respirators
  • How to assist visitors, people who may speak another language, and the disabled in an emergency
  • Assembly points and accountability
  • How family members can obtain information about employees if there is an emergency
  • The name of the facility’s public information officer who is designated as the facility’s representative to speak to the media regarding the emergency
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