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As simple as using a ladder seems to be, the injury statistics indicate that it is one of the most abused tools we have. Accidents, particularly in the domestic setting, are frequently caused by overreaching or overextending from ladders to complete certain tasks, rather than doing the safe thing—climbing down and moving to a better access point. OSHA studies have shown that 100% of ladder related accidents could have been prevented using proper safety.  Elevate your safety program with Fox Valley Safety’s ladder safety training.

Five Rules for Ladder Safety

  • Select the right ladder for the job
  • Inspect the ladder before use
  • Set up the ladder with care
  • Climb and descend ladders cautiously
  • Use common sense when working on a ladder

Are you using ladders safely?

Check out Stairways and Ladders – A Guide to OSHA Rules for a quick reference.

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