Worker safety is essential to running a successful business. A safety consultant can help businesses ask and think through essential questions to create a safe work environment. Even if your business has not had any work-related injuries or fatalities, evaluating your workplace for safety hazards is important. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of worker injuries or illnesses from occurring now and in the future.

An effective safety and health program at your worksite will put your workers in a better position to become more effective at their jobs, increase productivity rates, and assure product quality. Workers are more likely to stay at a company that cares about their well-being.

What is a Consultation Visit?

An On-Site Consultation visit is a confidential, no-cost consultation with a safety and health professional who will help you find and fix hazards, develop safety and health programs, and train your workers. Your business’s only obligation is to correct unsafe or unhealthy working conditions within a reasonable time period.